How to set up the ProBot Leveling Method – Discord Bot the way to Get ProBot!
Is victor and today i will show. you how to get set up and get the pro. bot. leveling technique that’s a recommended. manner to your discord server. the first thing you are going to desire to. do is come here to hyperlink will be in the description and just. click upload to discord you are of course. going to should be. an administrator with supervisor. permissions in your server. so i’m just going to choose this and add. this to my experiment server here. just going to retain and you’re simply. going to provide it these types of permissions. make sure that they’re all checked and. authorized now simply pass in the course of the. captcha and then make sure that. your bot would be in your server so i. checked and my bot is unquestionably on my. server i could have it see it over right here in. my other track. so you’re simply going to want to stay.
Inside of this dashboard here and. click the leveling technique on the left. now i have a further academic for putting. up some extra of the functions of a. probot. but right here we’re simply going to set. up the leveling system now the first. element you’re going to want to. go through is you could choose roles that. you can have people. have now you can make specific roles for. this or i have a lot of alternative roles. for a lot of alternative bots and stuff. like that. yet like you can just set these correct. here for the no xp guidelines part. and for the no xp channels you could simply. set any channel you desire like. let’s say just the welcome channel. so if you wish a textual content leveling up. channel and this will provide them a. message that they have got leveled up. you could create a channel so let’s say i. favor to do this in. my members channel as you will see that i.
do not have an exceptionally established discord server. however these will. all work in case you do it a bit extra. prepared by yourself. now this mentions we are going to add the user. right here after which simply tell them the. level that they are at. you can now change this you may like say. you have. attain if you do not like contractions for. a few strange reason. now some more things that you can do is. you will discover down right here and you can have. a hashtag properly that will exhibit the. participants with the most. rating or xp now if we just edit this. right here. you could change all of this so you could. customise this by any means that you really want. so. correct can be enabled with the aid of in simple terms specific. guidelines and stuff like that. so we’re simply going to depart it as. default. and yeah so the subsequent component you are going. to need to do is you are going to desire to. click on add. rule gift so it is simply going to.

Give discord greeting bot for speaking or. typing a lot in the server and being an. energetic member of the server. if you want to just adjust this so as an example. they can all the way at that that’s. approximately hours and fifty four minutes. and yeah we can set thiis really excessive. certainly low depends how you must. manage your server. so for both voice and textual content they’ll get. this. function as a gift so we’ll give. them the admin rule. in order to switch on and remove with larger. rewards so it’ll get rid of this position. after they get ah even better position if. they do get that. this would dm the member that they bought. the role and whatever like that. always be sure to save your adjustments. now there’s a lot of other things that. you can do with probot and you’ll. customize this even more if you want you. can. go into here and edit rank settings and.

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